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Antibacterial Gum Treatment  Gilbert AZ


If you were diagnosed with periodontal disease it is essential to start the treatment as soon as possible. Periodontal disease treatments include procedures such as scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), laser gum treatment to kill bacteria, and antibacterial gum treatment.


What is it?


Antibacterial gum therapy is the use of chemicals to kill or slow down the growth of bacteria that cause periodontal disease. The two most common forms of this therapy we use at our gilbert dentist az office are antimicrobial irrigation and antibiotic treatment.


Antimicrobial irrigation also known as "gingival irrigation" is the irrigation of pockets associate with periodontal disease. Gingival irrigation aims to cleanse plaque and disinfect bacterial from subgingival (under the gumline) regions of the mouth in order to prevent the colonization of harmful oral bacteria. Chlorhexidine is often the medicine of choice used in dentistry to irrigate and disinfect the pockets following scaling and root planning. Antimicrobial medicines such as Chlorhexidine have proven effective for eliminating some strains of oral bacteria which contribute to periodontal disease. Antimicrobial substances can be combined with water, or used as a stand-alone treatment for gingival pocket irrigation.


How is it done?


Pocket irrigation is generally performed in combination with scaling and root planning, and gum laser treatment. When the pockets are free of debris following scaling and root planning, an antimicrobial agent may be applied using an oral irrigator syringe. Pocket irrigation can also be done at home as part of the daily oral routine using a water jet, water pick or use of the Airfloss.


What are the benefits?


Gingival antibacterial irrigation can be beneficial in many ways. Here are the main ways in which pocket irrigation can be beneficial:


Dental Cleaning – Pocket irrigation blast plaque, food particles and other debris from between the teeth and below the gum. The removal of harmful toxins and bacteria keep the gum pockets cleaner and shallow to promote healing.


Halitosis Treatment and Prevention – Bad breath also known as Halitosis is usually a result of food particles lodged between the teeth, and existing decay in teeth. A toothbrush or dental scraper alone may not be able to reach into the depths of the gum pockets, but gingival irrigation procedure can flush out food particles and bacteria


Antibiotic use In Periodontal Disease


Antibiotics are used to kill specific bacteria. The bacterial responsible for periodontal disease are specific and can be targeted by antibiotic medication to reduce their presence. Antibiotic medicine such as ARESTIN® are placed under the gums to release bacteria fighting agents. ARESTIN® contains tiny particles containing microspheres that are filled with the antibiotic minocycline hydrochloride. These microspheres release the antibiotic over time, killing bacteria which cause gum disease.


Antibiotic Pills for Periodontal Disease


There are several medications available for Treatment of Advanced Periodontal Disease


Doxycycline Pill: At our dentist gilbert office we may prescribe an antibiotic pill for periodontal disease treatment in addition to tooth scaling and root planing. A low-dose doxycycline pill can help prevent overactive enzymes from breaking down gum tissue after periodontal disease treatment.


Laser Gum Treatment Gilbert


One of the newest ways to kill bacteria in periodontal tissue is laser therapy. We now use lasers to kill bacteria in the gum pockets around teeth. The laser beam also stimulates healing. To find out more about laser dentistry in Gilbert AZ please call us at 480-633-1481


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