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Dental Bonding in Gilbert



If you have a cavity that needs to be treated, a metal filling that needs to be replaced, or a tooth with a chip, fracture, crack, or stain, it may be that a simple dental bonding treatment or a tooth-colored filling is all you need to correct the problem. Exceptional Dentistry serving Gilbert AZ, and surrounding communities, provides white fillings and tooth colored dental bonding that blend beautifully with the natural teeth. Dr. Mazaheri has done numerous of such procedures in the past 10 years and truly enjoys perfectly matching and restoring the beauty and function to the teeth.




When a tooth is damaged by a minor chip, crack, or discoloration, dental bonding can be an easy way to conceal these flaws and restore beauty to the smile. The tooth-colored bonding material is available in several shades and blends so well with the teeth that we often use it in cosmetic dentistry as part of smile makeover enhancements. In just one short office visit, you can have your smile enhanced.


Benefits of Dental Bonding


Dental bonding is a fast, relatively inexpensive alternative to porcelain veneers and teeth whitening procedures. It is very conservative the tooth structure and is virtually a pain-free procedure as sometimes it is able to be completed without any anesthetic for minor chips and fractures. It only takes only one office visit to apply the bonding material. Dental bonding can also be used to enhance Invisalign® orthodontics and other cosmetic and general dentistry treatments.


The Process


Depending on the condition of the tooth, the we begin the process process by administering a local anesthetic. Then, the area is prepared and conditioned which allows the bonding material adheres more readily to the enamel. The dentist then paints the bonding material onto the tooth and cures it with a special curing light. Finally, the bonding is finished and smoothed to a polish. With proper maintenance and regular dental visits, dental bonding can last many years.


White (Tooth-colored) Fillings


If you need to have a cavity restored, or if you would like an alternative to metal (amalgam) fillings, white fillings may be just the answer. The tooth-colored is also bonding material and it blends flawlessly with the tooth, so you can speak and laugh without having to worry about revealing a mouth full of metal fillings. If you live near our office please contact our Gilbert AZ dentist office to learn more about how white fillings may benefit you.


Benefits of White Fillings


White fillings have many health and aesthetic benefits. As some patient's are concerned about the presence of mercury in metal fillings, white fillings do not contain any mercury, which makes them much safer than metal fillings. They also adhere and bond more tenaciously to the tooth than metal fillings, which reduces the likelihood of return visits to have the filling repaired or replaced. The composite nature of the material does not stretch or shift, which eliminates or minimizes tooth sensitivity. Finally, these fillings provide a phenomenal aesthetic result to restore beauty to your smile.


The White Fillings Process


At our office we mainly utilize high-end white filling composite material manufactured by the 3M company and do not use mercury containing restorations. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Mazaheri along with visual exam uses computer enhanced digital x-rays to detect cavities. Once we have detected the cavity, we place white fillings and bond to the enamel and dentin layers. To begin this process, anesthesia is administered and the area to be bonded is cleaned free of any decay and fracture, we then apply special conditioner to the teeth in order for the bonded material to adhere to the tooth surfaces Next, the tooth-colored filling material is placed and cured hard with a special light. Finally, fit and the bite is checked and adjusted and the patient can then leave our office with a beautiful, durable restoration ready to be in service immediately. In the past with the use of metal fillings the patient had to wait a number of hours before chewing on the restoration.


If you are interested in replacing old metal restorations or have questions about the bonding process please contact our Dentist Gilbert AZ office for more information.


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