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Cold Sore and Canker Sore Laser Treatment Gilbert AZ


What are cold and canker sores?


Cold sores are painful blisters that are filled with fluid that form in the lip and gum area and are usually caused by a virus, stress or trauma. Cold/canker sores usually onset by a tingling sensation and can last from few days to weeks.


Cold Sore and Canker Sore Treatment Options


Laser cold sore treatment in GilbertAlthough these sores heal on their own, at our Gilbert Dentist office we can provide treatments to reduce the pain and decrease healing time. Cold sores and canker treatments include application of creams, and sometimes pills and now the use of lasers.


Dr. Michael Mazaheri treats canker and cold sores with a dental laser. By using a soft tissue laser, we can reduce the pain and decrease healing time soon after laser therapy. Laser also helps kill the Herpes Simplex virus responsible for many of the cold sores.


Benefits of using a laser to treat cold sores


  • Laser therapy stops the spread of the lesion
  • Cold sores and canker sores heal much quicker
  • Pain is decreased upon application of laser to the area
  • Cold sores can be prevented if treated upon the start of the tingling sensations
  • Laser treatment takes just a few minutes and can be performed without anesthesia
  • canker Sore treatment is very affordable


If you suffer from pain and discomfort caused by unsightly cold sores or canker sores, we encourage you to call our Gilbert dental office today at 480-633-1481 to learn more about laser treatment we offer.


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