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Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure in Arizona


If you have a condition known as known as a "gummy" smile you may be interested in a procedure called the crown lengthening. Patients with a gummy smile line usually have teeth that appear short and more of the gum is visible when they smile. In most cases the teeth are proper lengths but are covered with too much gingiva (gum tissue). In order to correct this condition crown lengthening may be used as a treatment option.


During this procedure, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped and enhanced by use of a dental laser to expose more of the natural tooth. Crown lengthening may be a treatment option to a single tooth or to the entire gum line to achieve a natural smile. Sometimes in dentistry in order to make restorations such as crowns or fillings fit better we use the crown lengthening procedure to make more sound tooth structure exposed and get better retention for the final restoration. In this procedure the gum and bone levels are adjusted to expose more of the healthy tooth below the gum and bone.


Crown lengthening is a valuable option in restorative and cosmetic dentistry that improves aesthetics and function of dentition. If you have questions about this procedure please contact us for more information.


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