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Crown and Bridges Gilbert




Do you have a tooth that is severely damaged, or has a gap left by missing teeth?


A  dental crown or bridge may be an excellent solution. At Exceptional Dentistry, Dr. Michael Mazaheri provides patients in the Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding communities with beautiful porcelain crowns and dental bridges. In addition to restoring oral functioning, these restorations are very aesthetic that we often use them in cosmetic dentistry treatments as part of a smile makeover process.


Dental crowns used extensively in cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatment. They can be used to cover a natural tooth from a broken cusp, or to cover a discolored tooth as result of Tetracycline staining. Crowns are also routinely recommended to cover a tooth after root canal treatment in order to strengthen the tooth from future fracture, or they can be used to anchor a dental bridge.


Alternatively, a crown can be placed over a dental implant to restore the gap left by a missing tooth. Modern crowns are made of beautiful tooth-colored porcelain that is truly natural-looking; visit our Smile Makeover Gallery to see some examples of the aesthetic results some of our patients have enjoyed over the years at our office.

Dental Bridges


When a patient is missing a tooth or has several teeth in a row that are missing, we often recommend a dental bridge, also called a fixed partial denture. Bridges anchor to the teeth adjacent to missing space and the missing space is restored by a porcelain prosthesis named the pontic which is attached to the adjacent crowned teeth.


(We also provide implant-supported (partial) dentures, and crowns which do not rely on support from the surrounding teeth.) At our office we strive t to provide the best cosmetic and functional result. We provide attractive dental bridges that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


Please feel free to contact our office for a consultation regarding crowns or dental bridges.


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