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November 28, 2015 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


We Now Utilize 3D Digital X-rays


10 years ago we were among the few dental offices utilizing digital x-rays. Almost 2016, and once again we are among the first few who utilize 3D imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning. Currently Less than 3% of all dentists in United States use this technology.  3D digital x-rays are converted into a three dimensional view that can be manipulated by computer software. This technology enables us to view all angles of a patients mouth and gives us a better and accurate view of root, jaw, TMJ anatomy, and the source and extension of infections.  Utilizing 3D imaging increases the predictability in preparing for procedures like extractions and implant surgery.


Here is a case that I diagnosed a few days ago of a fractured root that otherwise would have been impossible to see with conventional x-rays. Patient indicated that he had sensitivity and discomfort at times,but could not not pin point the source. Upon 3D scan and evaluation of the area it was clear that this tooth had a crack mid root on the back of the root and abscess was also visible from the image.




























February 14, 2015 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


Treatment of Open Bite with Invisalign in Gilbert


Anterior open bite is a fairly common problem in malocclusion which can be caused by several factors. The most common factors are oral habits such as digit sucking (thumb sucking), tongue trust, and less commonly related to lymphatic tissue and position of mandible to help respiration. One of the misconceptions with invisalign treatment is the myth that it does not work for such complex malocclusion problems. The following case was treated right here at our dental office in Gilbert with Invisalign braces alone. Patient had history of anterior open bite for years due to childhood thumb sucking habits. Patient elected to undergo Invisalign treatment and after about 12 months we were able to close the bite with only clear braces.

3D scan in Gilbert

October 12, 2014 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


Why Root Canal Teeth Need to Be Crowned


One of the most common reasons that I extract teeth in Gilbert, AZ is due to a deep fracture of previously treated root canal tooth that was never crowned. When root canal therapy is completed inside of the tooth is mechanically filed, and hollowed out and therefore leaving a "empty egg-shell" like structure that is supported by weak and thin side walls of tooth structure and filling materials. When root canal teeth are not crowned immediately as you chew the thin sidewall structures weaken over time and all it takes is a soft piece of food like bread to cause the final damage. Here is a case I had last week of a tooth that had a root canal which had fractured and patient never went in for the crown since "it wasn't hurting". Most of the time if the dentist is not persistent about the need for the crown following root canal treatment, patient is hesitant to go back for the crown since the tooth becomes comfortable and pain-free following root canal, and patient forgets. As you can see this upper molar had a previous root canal and was just "filled" with composite resin (white filling) and tooth was split in half and needed to be extracted. At our dentist office in Gilbert AZ we always stress the importance of full coverage restorations such as a crown following root canal treatment to prolong the life of tooth.


September 14, 2014 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


Toothpaste Warning: Polyethylene


It has come to my attention that some brands of toothpaste contain polyethylene, a plastic filler (blue granules), that as result of continuous use the polyethylene granules embed between the teeth and under the gums and may cause plaque adherence and periodontal concerns. Although there are no recent studies on the long term effect of polyethylene in toothpaste, P & G, the makers of Crest have agreed to discontinue the additive in their crest toothpaste, however use of such toothpastes should be avoided.


September 11, 2014 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


Deep Bite enhancement without surgery or orthodontics: Full Mouth Rehabilitation


I like to present another full mouth rehab case that I really enjoyed working on a few months ago here in our dentist gilbert az office. The patient consulted with me with existing mismatched crowns, and a severe deep bite (also called a "overbite") . To treat this case ideally we would have the patient undergo a few years of braces, followed by orthognatic surgery to reposition the jaw to ideal position. After consulting all options the patient did not wish to undergo treatment with braces/surgery, so I decided to reconstruct the entire mouth with 28 all porcelain esthetic layered crowns and reposition the bite to correct the deep bite as much as possible considering the severity of it. Just as the case below, facial balance and vertical "face lift" effect was also achieved as result of full mouth dental rehabilitation. Please feel free to give our gilbert dentist office a call at 480-633-1481 for a consultation, or a second opinion regarding any dental treatment you may need.

August 21, 2014 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


The Dental Face Lift, Full Mouth Reconstruction


Recently I treated a patient who consulted with me in Gilbert AZ about his fractured, discolored teeth, and a collapsed bite that was causing pain in his TMJ. Patient reported to have night and day time teeth grinding habit which was causing chronic TMJ discomfort. It was decided to restore this case with full mouth reconstruction. This procedure involves the restoration of every tooth in the mouth to ideal form, function, and height. I like to call this procedure the "Dental Face Lift". As the dentition is reconstructed facial balance is restored by working on the teeth only. 28 All porcelain layered cosmetic crowns were fabricated by our master ceramist under my guidance to achieve natural look and a whiter smile that patient was after. Since the procedure, Patient's TMJ symptoms have also improved. Please watch this patient's video testimonial below as to how this procedure has changed his life.






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