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July 07, 2013 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


What Is The Best Brushing Technique?


I was recently asked about different method of brushing techniques and which technique I recommend to my patients at our dentist office right here in Gilbert AZ


Believe it or not, there are several techniques that may be used when brushing your teeth. However, several studies have shown that the most popular and by far the most effective technique is the "Modified Bass Technique". The key to this method is to place the brush at a 45 degree angle on the surface of teeth. This method applies regardless of the use of manual or electric toothbrush.


Here are the step by step instructions:


  1. Begin with holding your toothbrush bristles at a 45 degree angle on the front surface of the posterior teeth. Move the brush in small circular movements. It is important to brush the area where the tooth meets the gums.
  2. While in circular motion, move towards the front teeth and remove all the food debris and plaque.
  3. Continue to move around the arch and brush the back teeth on the other side of the mouth.
  4. Repeat the above steps with the inside of the teeth (the side near the tongue).
  5. Next, place the toothbrush bristles on the chewing surfaces of the teeth and move the brush in a “scrubbing motion”.
  6. Rinse your toothbrush, and remember to also run the bristles over your tongue as it can also harbor bacteria and cavity causing germs. A tongue scraper may also be used to remove the germs/film that builds on the tongue surface. Look for them at your local grocery store or drug store.
  7. Brushing effectively can certainly have a positive effect on the overall health of teeth and gums. One of the main reasons I always recommend the sonicare toothbrush is due to the fact that many of us do not apply the correct technique while brushing, and for most people we certainly do not spend enough time brushing; and this is where the electric toothbrush can makeup for the lack of time and poor technique.




June 23, 2013 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


Summer Special: Free Sonicare ® Electric Toothbrush For New Patients




Many of my existing patients are aware that I always recommend the Philips Sonicare ® toothbrush to our patients as part of a comprehensive oral healthcare. Now that summer is here I have decided to give away free Sonicare to our New Patients who establish dental care at our Gilbert dental office. Please see our specials page for details.


Sonicare’s system of toothbrush handle and brush head delivers patented sonic technology gently, yet effectively, to your teeth and gums. These toothbrushes give you superior plaque removal, naturally whiter teeth and a clean you can feel.






Apr. 23, 2013 Posted By: Michael Mazaheri, DDS


How do I keep my teeth from yellowing?


As we age it is normal for our teeth to stain and yellow. Most of the yellow stain come from the absorption of pigments from the food, dark soda beverages, cigarette, wine, tea and coffee. Even some vegetables or fruits such as tomatoes can have a major contribution to the staining of our teeth. The best practice to minimize staining and yellowing is to use a electric toothbrush and have your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular bases. At our office we highly recommend the Sonicare® electric tooth brush, fabricated by Philips.


For those who prefer to reverse the yellowing process they should consider some type of bleaching treatment professionally. At our office we offer Zoom® professional 1 Hour whitening system to effectively reverse the yellowing of teeth. Perhaps the most important part of any bleaching treatment is to have a maintenance plan in effect in order to maintain the bleached teeth long term. The most effective way of maintaining your white smile is to have us fabricate custom maintenance trays that you would use at home about once a month in order to remove the buildup of stain in just a few hours.







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