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Periodontal Maintenance (Teeth Cleaning)


If you have been treated for periodontal disease you are required to be placed on periodontal maintenance. Periodontal maintenance is a cleaning procedure performed to clean the teeth at 3 month intervals. Maintenance is an important part of treating gum disease.


The Need for Periodontal Maintenance



Prophylaxis (cleaning) is an important procedure to help keep the mouth in good health and also stop the progression of gum disease. There are many benefits to regular periodontal maintenance:

  • Tartar and plaque removal – Even with the use of best brushing and floss home-care techniques, it can be difficult to remove all debris and bacteria from the gum pockets that buildup over time.

  • Stain Removal – It’s hard to feel confident about a smile that is stained and yellow. Maintenance can remove the teeth of unsightly stains and polish the teeth to its beauty.

  • Fresher breath – Periodontal disease is often occurs with bad breath (halitosis). Bad breath is usually caused by a combination of left over food particles below the gum. The removal of plaque, calculus and bacteria noticeably improves breath and promotes oral health.

  • Pocket Reduction – Regular periodontal maintenance decreases the buildup of irritants that cause periodontal disease and therefore promotes reduction of periodontal pockets and elimination of the disease.




Periodontal maintenance is recommended every three months until consist ant reduction of pocket dept is observed and gums are healed. Regular removal of the plaque, and bacterial from the gum tissues can control periodontal disease. Although periodontal disease cannot be completely eliminated periodontal maintenance is one of the tools we use at our office to combat the problem.


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