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Zoom Teeth Whitening Gilbert AZ


Teeth Whitening in GilbertPower teeth whitening is the most effective way to combat the tooth stains buildup over the years of coffee, smoking and red wine stain. We utilize effective whitening methods such as Zoom Teeth whitening and Laser teeth Whitening that are safe and proven to brighten your smile. Power whitening is a term used not because of the whitening agents used, but its the use of the highest and safest effective percentage of hydrogen peroxide under supervision.


Hydrogen peroxide is the active agent in most whitening gels and it turns into oxygen, which penetrates the teeth to break down stains deep inside the tubules. By use of high percentage of solution, more oxygen molecules are produced and more effective the whitening procedure. Sometimes a special light is applied in order to speed the oxygen molecule production and produce better results.


At our dental office , Dr. Michael Mazaheri utilizes the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure in order to nutritive years of stain buildup. Following these procedures we often dispense take home whitening trays and agents to continue the whitening process at home and achieve the best possible outcome.


Please give us a call at our Dentist Gilbert AZ office for more information on teeth bleaching and Zoom whitening procedures.


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