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If snoring is preventing you, or someone you love from getting a full night's rest, you should be aware that we have a solution and are ready to help. Snoring can often disrupt your own, or your partners sleep as the air ways can become obstructive during sleep; this is called Sleep Apnea.


During sleep we progress from a light to a deep sleep state, and the muscles in the roof of the mouth (soft palate), tonguesleep apnea gilbert az and throat relax to a state that they partially block the airway and vibrate. The more narrowed the airway, the more forceful the airflow becomes causing the tissue vibration to increase, and the snoring to grow loud. Many factors, such as the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumption, allergies, and your weight, can lead to snoring.


Even children can suffer from sleep apnea. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms associated with sleep deprivation, such as chronic irritability, hostility and a drop in their grades, you might be looking at a case of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea symptoms can also mimic those of ADHD.


Dr. Mazaheri uses a highly effective solution, such as the Tap appliance, for the majority of patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Its exceptional levels of patient acceptance and compliance as well as treatment efficacy are backed by a large body of clinical research. Many patients like the TAP appliance because its comfortable, and it is custom fitted. This appliance is adjustable and while in the mouth the patient can adjust at home to achieve maximum treatment results night to night. The best part of this treatment is that it does not involve any masks or straps.


Here are some tips to Stave Off Sleep Apnea on your own:


  • Back sleeping can aggravate the the symptoms of sleep apnea, so always sleep to one side of your body. One way to keep yourself off your back while you sleep is to sew a pocket into the back of your pajamas and tuck something lumpy into it (a tennis ball is ideal). Doing this will make sleeping on your back very uncomfortable.

  • Try playing any sort of wind musical instrument. The clarinet or the flute wind instruments are great for helping to treat sleep apnea. When you play these instruments, you learn about air control and exercising the muscles in your airway, making them stronger. The muscle training that you undergo while you learn these kinds of instruments will provide a beneficial effect to your apnea symptoms.

  • Another reason why a lot of people deal with the sleep apnea condition is because of the excess weight they're carrying. The obvious solution is to lose the excess weight. Try changing your diet and ramp up your activity level. Carbohydrate restriction has been shown to help people lose weight in recent studies as well.


Although each sufferer's condition is unique, one thing that all people with sleep apnea have in common is a desire for effective treatments. Besides the Tap appliance there are a wide variety of other sleep apnea appliances that Dr. Mazaheri, a sleep apnea dentist in Gilbert can prescribe for your particular situation and anatomy. To schedule a sleep apnea consultation please contact us at 480-633-1481.



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