Dental emergency can be a unfortunate situation that needs immediate attention. Among the most common dental emergencies we treat are toothache, abscess and chipped or fractured teeth. Relieving any pain or discomfort as soon as possible is our goal at our dental office in the east valley. We are able to offer same day emergency appointments to new patients.


In the past 15 years Dr. Michael Mazaheri has provided emergency dental care for just about every dental condition. Some of the most common dental emergencies we handle include:


  •  Teeth extraction
  •  Root canals
  •  Chipped, cracked, and fracture teeth
  •  Same day Denture and Partial Repairs
  •  Wisdom Teeth Pain and discomfort
  •  Sport Injury and Trauma from a fall , accident or blow to the face
  •  Tissue and Gum Swelling
  •  Tooth re-implantation of Avulsed tooth (displacement of a tooth from the socket)
  •  Bleeding and Swollen Gums
  •  Precision Attachment partial repair
  •  Overdenture Locator Attachment repair
  •  Crown and Bridge Fractures
  •  Porcelain Veneer Fractures
  •  Bonding Repair and Replacement


We understand that that  cost can be an issue when unexpected dental emergencies arise, however, we do not want finances to prevent you from receiving essential dental treatment. We offer a variety of cost effective savings and financing options in order to make sure that you can afford your emergency dental care.


We accept most insurance plans, so there is a great chance that at least a portion of your emergency visit, or sometimes the entire procedure, will be covered. If you do not have dental insurance, we also can offer other options to help keep your emergency care within your budget. Please contact us so we can research your insurance for you.


You also have the option of financing your emergency procedure through a a healthcare financing company such as CareCredit that offers no interest and low interest payment options to address your unique financial needs.



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