Safe Silver Mercury Filling Removal Protocal In Arizona

Amalgam Removal Holistic Dentist 

Almost all silver dental restorations contain about 50% of mercury and some research suggests that these restorations may emit mercury-vapors. Over the years there has been a great concern for exposure of dental professionals, staff and patients to the mercury vapors released during the removal of these restorations.
Some research further suggests that mercury vapor can be released from dental mercury amalgam fillings during brushing, teeth grinding, and even chewing. Furthermore, removal of mercury fillings can expose the patient and the dental professionals to the mercury vapors released.
For those patients who may be concerned about being exposed to mercury vapors, Dr. Mazaheri has implemented a safe amalgam removal protocol* in his Gilbert dental office that greatly decreases the exposure to the mercury vapors released during removal. This is one of the important parts of holistic dentistry.

Safe Silver Mercury Filling Removal  Protocol 

  • Utilization of a rubber dam isolation to minimize internal exposure to mercury and silver particles.
  • Utilization of external aerosol and vapor extractor suction to exhaust mercury vapors away from the mouth.
  • Inter-oral high-speed evacuation suction to remove silver fragments rapidly.
  • Administration of oxygen during silver restoration removal.
  • Use of Amalgam separator for safe mercury disposal

External Suction Removing Mercury Aeresol and Fumes

Rubber Dam Utilization For Safe Amalgam Removal

Safe Silver Mercury Filling Removal

*If you are concerned about exposure to mercury prior to removal of silver fillings please give us a call to find out more information about our safe amalgam removal services and fees associated. 

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