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Snoring is a frustrating condition that can prevent you or loved one from getting a good night’s rest, therefore Dr. Mazaheri offers several sleep apnea treatment in Gilbert AZ. When snoring occurs during sleep  it often disrupts your own, or your partner’s sleep as result of obstruction of air ways. This is called Sleep Apnea.
sleep apnea dentist, gilbert azWhen we sleep we go from light to deep state of sleep where the soft tissues of the palate relax and cause vibration and this results in partial blockage of airway. As the airway narrows the more forceful the airflow gets which causes the soft palate to vibrate and snoring becomes loud. The anatomy of your oral tissues, sinus cavity, alcoholic beverage use, allergies and excess body weight can cause one to be more prone to snoring. 
It has also been shown that children can suffer from sleep apnea. Even children can suffer from sleep apnea. Some of the side effect and symptoms of sleep apnea associated with sleep deprivation include hostility, irritability and poor performance in school. 
Dr. Mazaheri routinely treats sleep apnea with sleep apnea appliances such as the TAP appliance. This device offers excellent level of patient compliance and comfort for those whom are unable to tolerate the CPAP machine.The TAP appliance is a custom fitted adjustable mouth splint that is backed by years of clinical research.  
There are also patients whom are unable to tolerate both the CPAP and TAP appliance and Dr. Mazaheri offers a tongue stabilization device which is very successful in preventing night time snoring.  Please call for more information about the tongue sleep apnea appliance.

DYI Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • Avoid sleeping on your back as this can aggravate the symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Playing a winded musical instrument has been shown to condition the muscles and soft tissues of the airway. The conditioning that these muscles go through has been shown to provide great benefit in reducing sleep apnea symptoms.
  • People whom are overweight tend to suffer more from sleep apnea symptoms then those with idea wright. By losing the excess weight and excising you can reduce your sleep apnea symptoms greatly. Carbohydrate restriction has been shown to reduce weight effectively, however you should consult with your doctor in regards to a healthy diet plan that suites your situation.

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