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All On 4 Dental Implants

All-On-4 Dental Implants

The All on 4 implants procedure is a cost-effective procedure that allows us to restore the entire arch with only 4 dental implants in just 1 day! The teeth in a day concept have been around for over a decade but have become a popular treatment for the replacement of full mouth dentition. The innovation of same-day dental implants has allowed patients who suffer from tooth loss, or those who have difficulty with their dentures to enjoy the quality of a healthy mouth once again.

Actual Patient All-On-4 Zirconia Prosthesis Fabricated By Dr. Mazaheri

What are the advantages of All on 4 implants?

One of the advantages of such treatment is the achievement of excellent implant stability even in those patients who have minimum bone volumes. The implants can be tilted in areas of low bone level to reduce the need for bone grafting and bone augmentation. Such a technique allows better stability and reduces the risk of damage to vital jaw anatomy.

Excellent clinical results

Research has shown that when implants are placed at an angle and are part of a prosthesis they will not harm the load and provide good long-term and secure prosthesis. These techniques have been studied for years with excellent results.


All On 4 Same Day Teeth

All-On-6 Full Mouth Implant Bridge - (3 on 6 Bridges)

Other than All-On-4 treatment, Dr. Mazaheri offers All-On-6 full mouth dental implant bridge where 6 dental implants are placed in the jaw bone and a dental bridge is attached to the dental implants. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation to see if you are a candidate for this option.

Pros of Full Mouth Implant Bridge

  • Elimination of the artificial resin gum overlay
  • Extra implants preserve more jaw structure from resorption 
  •  Reduced surgical reduction of bone for implants placement

Cons of Full Mouth Implant Bridge

  • More expensive than traditional All-On-4 Treatments
  • Can’t be done in 1 day
  • Patient must wear removable appliance for about 3-6 months until implants integrate.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Bridge

All on 4 Implants Arizona

All on 4 implants


Excellent clinical results

Research has shown than when implants are placed at an angle and are part of a prosthesis they will not harm the load and provide good long term and secure prosthesis. These techniques have been studied for years with excellent results.

Prosthetic flexibility

Among the great advantages of the All on 4 concept is the same the prosthesis is secured on to the implants immediately following the surgery and the patients can use the prosthesis immediately.

Eat the food you like: Steak or even corn on the cob.

In the past when someone shared experience with their dentures the most complaint would be the inability to eat foods such as steak, corn on the cob, etc. The All on 4 implants prosthesis is a fixed, non-removable appliance that allows you to eat whatever foods you enjoy.

It is all done in just 1 visit!

The innovation of same-day implants allows the extraction of teeth, placement of the dental implants, and attachment of the all on 4 appliances the same day, eliminating multiple surgical visits and implant healing that is needed with traditional implants. The best part of it all is the fact that you will be sedated and upon waking up the procedure is all finished and you are ready to go home.

Eliminates future Jaw bone loss

When teeth are extracted from the mouth, the bone starts resorption and breaks down (use it or lose it concept) due to lack of any roots in the jaw bone, however by the placement of dental implants in the jaw the bone resorption is halted and therefore preserves the bone..

Dr. Mazaher and his team are among the most highly experienced with the All-on-4 procedure in Gilbert AZ. Besides some of our actual patient results on our website, please feel free to give us a call for a consult to see many other successful cases of our all on 4 treatment in Arizona. If you are interested in the teeth in 1-day process, please give us a call to schedule a consultation and a 3D CT scan.

Recent All On 4 Smiles:

"...It is appropriately priced compared to competitors, it is not a hard sell, and it is absolutely an education when you get fitted up for these..very transparent!"
Joseph C.
All-on-4 actual smile makeover patient

Recent All-On-4 Implant Reconstruction By Dr. Mazaheri (Actual Patients)

Video Testimonials

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Dr. Michael


Dr. Michael Mazaheri has been a
top Cosmetic Dentist in Gilbert since 2005 
Voted Top Cosmetic Dentist by Phoenix Magazine 2020, 2021, 2022


Dr. Mazaheri has treated clients from actors, models, CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies to ordinary people and including dental work for the Dr. Phil show. Dr. Michael Mazaheri is also among one of the most experienced All-on-4 dentists in Scottsdale and Gilbert locations in Arizona having extensive experience with full mouth implant reconstruction.

The All On 4 dental implant procedure is  one of my favorite procedures in dentistry. The patient’s life is instantly transformed as they regain their smile and confidence back in just a few hours!  
– Dr. Michael Mazaheri

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic Implants

For patients with excessive bone loss whom have been turned down for the all on 4 procedure we now can use Zygomatic implants in with our all on 4 prosthesis. When there is severe bone loss in the upper jaw bone extensive grafting and augmentation is needed in order to place implants in the posterior region of the mouth which could mean lengthy treatment times. By anchoring the implants into the zygomatic bone, the Zygoma implant system can enable an immediate loading protocol. This significantly reduces the time of treatment and increased patient satisfaction for those suffering from severe maxillary bone loss. Zygoma implants have been used succesfully for over 20 years with excellent results, if you are considering your options for Zygoma dental implants in Gilbert, please give our office a call for a consultation at any of Dr. Mazaheri's locations.

All-on-4 Repair, Cleaning & Maintenance

We recommend all on 4 prosthesis to be cleaned and maintained at least annually for optimal long term outcome. We can also offer All-on-4 repair services with your current prosthesis. Please visit our All on 4 cleaning and maintenance page for more information on our all on 4 repair, and maintenance services.

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