All-on-4 Repair and Cleaning Services in Arizona

Dental Implant Prosthesis Cleaning & Maintenance is one of the requirements when having all on 4 dental implants. Proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial to the long term health of the prosthesis and implants

All-on-4 Maintenance Requirements

The innovation of dental implants has enabled the patients with missing teeth the return of the quality of life with speech, eating and more importantly their appearance. Patient’s whom have undergone the All-on-4 hybrid procedure are required to have at least annual maintenance  in order to keep their dental implants healthy for the years to come. 

At our Gilbert dental office we provide All on 4 cleaning, maintenance & repair services in Arizona to our patients. 

What Exactly is done at the All on 4 Cleaning visit?

  • Removal of the prosthesis
  • Inspection of the screws that attach the prosthesis to implants
  • Cleaning, debridement of the implants & tissues in contact with the prosthesis
  • Irrigation of tissues with anti-microbial medication
  • X-rays are taken of the implants to evaluate bone levels or any premature sign of bone loss
  • Evaluation of occlusion on the prosthesis
  • Inspection of the implant abutments and associated parts 
The screws that attach the all-on-4 prosthesis to the implants are often recommended to be replaced as they tend to wear, loosen, or break over time. Please contact us for more information regarding our All-on-4 cleaning process in Arizona.

Old All-on-4 screws 

all on 4 repair AZ

New All-on-4 Screws

Example of a All-on-5 case where posterior implant abutments had tartar buildup due to poor oral hygiene. 

All on 4 cleaning & maintenance

After debridement, cleaning, and irrigation of implants the prosthesis is ready to be be placed on the implants.

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All-on-4 Repair Services

Dr. Michael Mazaheri offers All-On-4 and Advanced Hybrid prosthesis repair services.
Our Repair Services Include:

  • Replacement of fractured teeth from the prosthesis
  • Repair of fractured prosthesis base
  • Evaluation of existing implants and complications
  • Upgrade from Resin/Titanium bar to Zirconia Hybrid 
  • Replacement of existing prosthesis
  • Rebase & Replacement of worn teeth 
  • Implant failure of all-on-4 solutions
Please give us a call if you are in need of repair of your existing implant dentures and All on 4 prosthesis



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