Dental Crowns in Gilbert AZ

Dental Crowns in Gilbert AZIf you are looking for the best natural and aesthetic dental crowns in Gilbert AZ to cover damaged, decayed, or stained teeth, you need to consider an all-porcelain crown. Dr. Michael Mazaheri uses highly cosmetic all-porcelain crown restorations that are custom made at our local dental laboratory. Dr. Mazaheri can also fabricate the same restoration in just one visit by utilizing our CEREC technology same-day crowns, which give the desired natural and translucent look to the teeth. Restoring dentition with aesthetic all-porcelain crowns requires expertise and experience as the use of incorrect material or the wrong shade of cement can change the outcome of a treatment since the color of the tooth influences the final color.

Dr. Mazaheri has restored 1000’s of these crowns in the past 15 years and can guide you to achieve your desired outcome without that black outline around the gum margin.

Cosmetic Dental Crown

At our Gilbert dental office, we utilize several types of crowns and materials to suit each patient’s dental needs specifically.

Emax crowns are now among the more popular type of all-porcelain crowns with high strength and excellent aesthetics. Selecting the correct with this type of restoration can be challenging and requires years of experience and expertise. 

Empress restorations were used previously for porcelain veneer restorations due to excellent aesthetic and natural beauty; however, they are inferior with strength.  

Feldspathic porcelain was the most widely used type of porcelain in dentistry in the last ten years; however, its use has declined recently.

Zirconia crowns are fabricated with a particular type of diamond porcelain that is exceptionally durable and can be layered with porcelain to look natural

Bruxir crowns are the new type of diamond porcelain crowns in which the entire crown is milled entirely from the Zirconia material that is very durable

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