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dental crowns Gilbert AZ When a tooth is damaged from decay or is fractured, we often use a crown to restore form and function to the tooth. A dental crown is also known as a “cap” and is made out of different materials. We routinely use dental crowns with cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatment at our dental office. Crowns can be used to treat many conditions such as to cover a natural tooth from a broken cusp or to cover a discolored tooth as a result of Tetracycline/drug staining. Crowns are also routinely used to cover a tooth after a root canal treatment to prevent fracture.

Dental Crown Procedure

The procedure is normally started by comfortably anesthetizing the tooth needing a crown. After anesthesia, the parts of the teeth that are decayed or damaged are cleaned and replaced with a filling material called a “buildup”. The tooth is then prepared in a unique shape to receive the crown restoration. A dental impression is taken of the prepared tooth and is sent to the laboratory for fabrication. While your crown is fabricated you will have a temporary crown for about 2 weeks. Alternatively, we often use our CEREC same-day crown technology to fabricate our dental crowns the same day while you wait, this means no temporary! 

dental bridges Gilbert, AZDental Bridge

A dental bridge is a great option when deciding to fill spaces created as a result of missing teeth. The bridge uses the teeth adjacent to space as anchors to hold the artificial tooth attached to the bridge. The procedure is very similar to the crown procedure and is also completed in 2 weeks or less. 

 At our Gilbert dental office, we provide beautiful porcelain crowns and dental bridge restorations. In addition to restoring oral function, these restorations are highly aesthetic that we often use them in cosmetic dentistry treatments as part of a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction process.

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