Dental Sealant  is a  preventive procedure where the deep grooves and pits of teeth are sealed with a layer of resin to prevent dental cavities.

Dental Sealants Gilbert AZ

Dental Sealants Gilbert AZ

Our dental office offers dental sealants in Gilbert, AZ, as they are routinely utilized as one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities on the top of the teeth. We often place dental sealants on children and as well as adults to help battle tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene habits and food choice.

As permanent teeth erupt, they may have such anatomy where deep pits and grooves easily pack plaque and food particles that are not easily reached by your toothbrush. It is for that reason that Dr. Mazaheri may recommend dental sealants to prevent the further development of tooth decay. 

Although dental sealants are used on children and young adults, they can be effective at any age because they help protect the teeth against decay-causing bacteria and sticky foods. 

Dental Sealant Procedure

The resin seal is probably the easiest procedure in dentistry because it is not only fast and straightforward but also painless to complete. It is recommended for the dental sealants to be applied following the dental cleaning appointment where teeth are completely clean of plaque and residue. Following a dental cleaning, a conditioner is placed to the enamel for 15 seconds, and the sealant is applied and cured hard with a UV light. If you are interested in dental sealants, please contact our office for an appointment.

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