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Dentures in Gilbert AZ

Teeth are an important part of a healthy lifestyle that not only help your personality and appearance, they also function with chewing and talking. When some or all of the teeth are missing not only it can affect one’s self-confidence, but it can greatly impact your oral health. At our office, we like our patients to feel great about their smile and with careful fittings of dentures and partials, you can have a beautiful smile for years to come. 

Dentures in Gilbert AZDentures

Complete dentures are artificial custom made oral appliance that is made of a resin base with resin artificial teeth which rest on oral soft tissues of either upper or lower jaw or both. It takes just a few visits to fabricate a complete denture with also options to customize to suit each patient’s specific case. Our denture customization options include porcelain denture teeth for those seeking highest esthetics, or custom resin base color options to match your particular gum shade. 

Dr. Mazaheri custom designs each denture per custom specifications to match your particular case aesthetically and functionally. Our patients are closely involved with the process to evaluate the function and esthetics before the denture is finalized. We encourage the patients to also bring family members to their appointment for esthetic evaluations at the try-in appointment. Once the denture is approved and fabricated you will be seen a few times after for any adjustments to make the denture as comfortable as possible.


Immediate Dentures

Traditionally it takes several appointments for a complete denture to make, however, when teeth need to be removed in the entire mouth Dr. Mazaheri fabricates an immediate denture that is inserted immediately following the extraction of all the teeth. It takes just one appointment to fabricate an immediate denture and although this type of denture is often transitional, some patients chose to use the immediate denture as the permanent by having a reline procedure. As the bone and gums heal following teeth extractions the bone and soft tissues remodel and the immediate denture will lose its optimal fit this is why it is important to either fabricate a new denture or complete a denture reline for optimal fit.

Partial Dentures in Gilbert AZPartial Dentures

A partial denture is a type of custom made denture that covers the only portion of your mouth that replace few or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are held in the mouth with attachments called clasps, or in some cases, precision attachments secure the partial denture to existing crowns or bridges. Partials are a good option to consider when one or more of your natural, healthy teeth are remaining. The more teeth remaining, the more secure the fit. 

Both of the above options are removable and must be treated with care. They should be cleaned daily and adjusted only by your dentist.

Denture Repair in Gilbert

At our dental office, we offer same-day denture repair service. If you have a denture or partial denture that needs repair please contact us at 480-633-1481 to schedule an appointment for same-day denture repair. 

Implant Over Dentures

Dentures are often used along with dental implants when wanting to permanently secure the appliance full time without having to remove. This type of denture is called an all-on-4 implant hybrid prosthesis. Please visit our all-on-4 page to learn more about this option. 

Denture Cleaning

Complete dentures do have cleaning and maintenance requirements to promote long term oral health. If you wear dentures you still need to take care of your mouth. Gums, the roof of your mouth, and soft tissues still need to be cleaned and brushed daily as it promotes blood flow to keep tissues healthy and prevent inflammation. 

How to clean dentures:

  • Rinse and Use a soft-bristle denture brush to gently brush all the surfaces of the denture to remove all plaque and debris buildup.
  • Dentures may be put in a denture bath overnight such as Efferdent®. 

Dentures need to be removed before bedtime for oral tissues to rest and prevent fungus and bacteria buildup. A denture adhesive may also be used with dentures to secure the denture to better stability in cases of minimum bone availability. 

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