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Gum Disease Treatment Gilbert AZ

Dr. Michael Mazaheri offers gum disease treatment in Gilbert, AZ, for periodontal disease, which is one of the most common oral dental disorders that can we can easily treat if caught early. Chronic inflammation of the gums induces adverse effects on the underlying bone, causing bone loss and can affect the stability of the teeth. Uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, poor oral hygiene, and tartar below the gum are some of the factors that promote periodontal disease.  

Gum Disease Treatment Gilbert AZ

Deep Cleaning Procedure

Scaling and Root Planning, also known as “deep cleaning” is the thorough debridement of accumulated plaque and tartar below the gum. As tartar and plaque build, the gum tissue becomes unattached, and periodontal pockets are created, which allow the harbor of bacteria and further plaque buildup. It is often necessary to administer a local anesthetic before complete this procedure to prevent any discomfort. After local anesthesia, ultrasonic instruments, along with hand instruments, are used to scale and debride the surfaces of teeth under the gum to make those surfaces smooth, and bacterial and disease-free. A healthy and clean root surface allows the reattachment of the gum tissue and further prevention of bone loss.
Dr. Mazaheri may also recommend the use of a dental laser with the treatment of periodontal disease, depending on the severity of your periodontal condition. For more information about the use of a dental laser with gum treatment, please visit our dental laser gum treatment page.

How does Deep Cleaning Feel?

After a local anesthetic is administered there should be no discomfort from the deep cleaning procedure. Following the procedure, your teeth may feel slightly sensitive for a few days as gums heal; however, Dr. Mazaheri can prescribe desensitizing medication to help with any sensitivity. Generally, it takes two visits to complete full mouth deep cleaning, depending on the severity of the periodontal disease.

Deep Cleaning Gilbert AZ


Once you have been treated for periodontal disease, it is crucial to keep oral tissues free of tartar and plaque buildup. Even with the use of best brushing and home care, it is virtually impossible to remove all buildup below and above the gum; therefore, you will be placed on a periodontal maintenance schedule. Every three months, you will be seen for a maintenance procedure, and evaluation of the healing of your oral tissues as this is an important part of treating periodontal disease. 

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