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Invisible Partial Dentures AZ

Invisible Partial Dentures are a great option when considering a removable partial. Several of our patients find our Flexible Partial dentures to be the most comfortable and highly aesthetic option

Flexible Partials Gilbert, AZ

Traditionally It was believed that removable partial dentures had to be rigid to be effective, however, the innovations in cosmetic dentistry have allowed for flexible and virtually invisible partial dentures to offer not only stunning aesthetics but also proper function. The flexibility of such partial dentures allows the adaptation of the prosthesis to repeated mastication, speech and movement. This is the underlying school of thought with flexible partial dentures such as the Valplast® Partial. The flexibility, lightweight, and lack of metal provide excellent comfort and stunning aesthetics.

flexible partial dentures AZ, Valplast PartialsValplast Partial 

We fabricate our cosmetic partial dentures locally in the Gilbert AZ laboratory. Our Valplast partials are custom-fitted similar to traditional partials and it takes just a few visits to complete the process. Unlike traditional partial dentures, the preparation is very simple and natural teeth often do not need any alternation. Such cosmetic partial dentures are virtually invisible because there is no metal, and the entire framework is made out of a special tissue-colored translucent resin allowing the visibility of a beautiful smile. 

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