Night Guards in Gilbert, AZ

What are night guards?

Our night guards in Gilbert, AZ are custom-designed plastic splints that fit securely around your teeth. Nightguards are often made out of clear plastic and are small enough to provide comfortable sleep. Please feel free to visit our dental office to see how they look and feel.

Do I need to wear one?

For those patients that grind their teeth, wearing a nightguard is a great way to prevent damage to the teeth. We only have one set of permanent teeth; therefore it is crucial to ensure they are maintained for years to come. The amount of time and cost involved to repair teeth that are heavily damaged from teeth grinding is not worth skipping on an easily preventable appliance. Patients with great damage from teeth grinding often require full mouth reconstruction to rebuild the dentition and facial support lost due to severe grinding habits. 

Reasons to wear a night guard:

A detailed dental examination can diagnose if you require wearing a nightguard; however, night guards have the following advantages:

Tooth damage prevention- Long-term grinding habits can cause teeth to wear down, fracture, and become short. As teeth become flat, the sensitive parts of the teeth become exposed and can cause temperature chewing sensitivity. Furthermore, as enamel and dentin wear down, nerves can be exposed and cause a dental abscess. Wearing a nightguard appliance will help prevent top and bottom teeth from grinding against each other and decrease potential damage.

TMJ Pain Reduction

Prescribing a nightguard appliance can be a primary form of TMJ treatment that can have a positive effect and provide relief on the TMJ (jaw joint) for those people that suffer from TMJ pain and discomfort.

Night Guards in Gilbert, AZ

Reduction of pain and discomfort

Patients that suffer from nighttime grinding or bruxism often suffer from severe headaches, jaw muscle soreness, and sometimes toothaches upon waking up in the morning. If you suffer from any of such conditions, you may benefit from wearing a nighttime dental guard. Many of our patients at Exceptional Dentistry find relief from bruxism symptoms by the use of nightguards. Chronic teeth grinding can often lead to TMJ problems such as pain, popping, and clicking in the jaw joint. If you suffer from nighttime teeth grinding or have TMJ symptoms, please give our Gilbert office a call for a consultation.

Types of Nightguards

There are different types of nightguard appliances that can be made to treat nighttime teeth grinding habits. Among the most popular is a soft nightguard which most patients find more comfortable due to its flexibility and lightweight. The Second type of nighttime appliance is a hard nightguard appliance that is fabricated from acrylic and is used for more advanced nighttime teeth grinding habits.


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