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Your dental visit at our Gilbert dentist office usually starts with cleaning. The saliva in the mouth constantly bathes the teeth in minerals such as calcium which over time along with plaque form what is known as tartar. Tartar is often tooth-colored and can be mistaken as part of the tooth when a piece chips off. In contrast, the tartar below the gum is a dark brown color and often not visible.

How are dental cleanings done?

At our office, we use specialized dental instruments to gently remove the deposits without harming the teeth. The instruments which may be used during your cleaning are can include:

  • Ultrasonic instrument- By use of vibration tartar is loosen while spraying a cooling mist of water to wash away debris and keep the dentition from getting warm. he device typically emits a humming or high pitched whistling sound. This may seem louder than it actually is because the sound may get amplified inside your head, just like when you put an electric toothbrush into your mouth.
  • Hand Scaling- Once the larger pieces of tartar are removed by the ultrasonic instrument our hygienist will use the hand instruments (called scalers) to remove fine plaque and tartar. These instruments are designed in such a manner to match the anatomy of the tooth surfaces
  • Polishing- After all the surfaces are clean of plaque and tartar, our hygienist in Gilbert will polish your teeth to a smooth and stain free surface. A specialty soft prophy rubber cup in a handpiece otary alone with polishing paste is used to polish the teeth. smooth, 
  • Fluoride- After a dental cleaning we may recommend the application of fluoride in order to strengthen the teeth and remineralize the enamel lost from acid causing food such as sugar. Fluoride comes in several flavors and it is usually advised not to eat or drink 30 min following its application. 

Are dental cleanings painful?

Dr. Mazaheri and his team are well known for providing gentle dental cleaning to his patients. Most of our patients find that our cleaning visits are painless and often pleasant. A painful dental cleaning experience can certainly contribute to putting off dental visits. Gum recession, exposed dentin, or simply heavy-handed dental worker can also contribute to such poor experience. 


We strive to make all of your dental visits a pleasant experience in case you may have had an unpleasant dental experience in the past please let us know as we often provide nitrous oxide to those patients to make their visits as pleasant as possible. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding your cleaning appointment.

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