Bone Grafting in Gilbert, AZ

There are many long-term complications associated with the loss of a tooth. The most significant complication is bone loss due to a lack of function in the absence of tooth roots (known as atrophy). After a tooth is lost, the bone starts to resorb, and the loss of bone slowly increases over time and is significantly evident in a short amount of time. The atrophy of bone over time leaves behind bone that may be of poor quality and lack of quantity needed for dental implant placement. It is for these reasons that we often choose to place bone grafts following dental extractions to preserve the bone from further loss. Today, we can grow bone where needed with the use of grafts and other regeneration methods.

Types of Bone Grafts

Dr. Michael Mazaheri uses different types of bone grafts in Gilbert AZ, following dental extractions or dental implant placement.:

  • The most commonly used graft material following a dental extraction is the use of artificial collagen grafts that preserve bone and stimulate further bone growth.
  • Allografts are the other type used commonly during dental implant placement and the graft material used is obtained from human donor bones, which are certified by tissue banks and are monitored and processed to be free from infectious diseases. This essentially sterile bone graft product is often used with a special membrane material that shapes and securely preserves the graft during the healing period.

Dental Implant Bone Grafting in Gilbert, AZ

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