Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Gilbert, AZ

Exceptional Dentistry offers wisdom tooth extraction in Gilbert, AZ, as part of our oral surgery services. 

Wisdom teeth, also known as 3rd molars, start to erupt after 18 years of age, and when they are aligned in an ideal position and have healthy gums, there may be no need for them to be extracted. However, this usually is not the case and then becomes the need for removal when they do not erupt fully, or begin to grow to the side, or become partially exposed or impacted. 

When wisdom teeth become impacted when they do no erupt and further can cause numerous issues, when 3rd molars have partially exposed the opening around the exposure trap food and bacterial and can often cause an infection known as pericoronitis. This type of infection results in severe pain and swelling and can further cause the growth of tumors and cysts that can destroy the jaw bone. It is for these reasons that we recommend the removal of wisdom teeth as a preventive measure. 

Wisdom teeth removal Procedure

Many times, when wisdom teeth are not impacted, they can be removed under local anesthesia and laughing gas. For those patients that are very nervous, we can arrange a referral so that the extractions can is under general/IV anesthesia. The wisdom teeth removal procedure may involve the placement of stitches, swelling of the jaw, and a few days of recovery after. Postoperative instructions are discussed along with pain medication and sometimes antibiotics. We often will make a follow-up appointment in one week for the removal of your stitches and evaluation of healing.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Gilbert, AZ

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