Sedation Dentist in Arizona

Sedation Dentistry  in modern dentistry is among the most innovative procedures that reduces anxiety associate with dental treatment.

Laughing Gas Dentist & Nitrous Oxide

With the innovation of modern dentistry, the days of going to the dentist with anxiety are a thing of the past. Imagine coming for a complex dental procedure and experience no anxiety, or not even remember much of the procedure afterward. At our office, we are pleased to offer our patients safe, effective, and comfortable sedation options.

If you suffer from any of the following you may be a candidate for dental sedation:

  • Have fear of needles
  • Prior bad dental experience
  • Difficulty sitting still in the dental chair
  • Not getting numb easily
  • Low pain tolerance

Benefits of Sedation

Many of the patients that receive sedation report that dental sedation is a comfortable and relaxing way to receive. There are many advantages of sedation dentistry:

  • Reduced memory of the dental procedure afterward
  • Decreased sense of dental noise and sounds of the drill
  • Reduced sense of time
  • Reduction of dental anxiety
  • General good feeling
  • Increase pain tolerance

Forms of Dental Sedation in Gilbert

Nitrous Oxide Sedation
– also known as “laughing gas” is one of the most frequently used methods of sedation at our office. Besides being safe and effective laughing gas is used to ease mild to moderate anxiety associated with dental procedures. One of the great advantages of the use of laughing gas is the speedy recovery following the procedure. Recovery is very fast and most times patients are able to drive themselves home following the procedure. A carefully calibrated mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask for the duration of the dental visit without putting the patient out as you are free to communicate, listen to music or even watch TV on our ceiling-mounted television monitors until your visit is finished. 

Oral Sedation – Another popular method we use to sedate our dental patients are the use of certain relaxing medications known as oral sedation. A sedative prescription pill is taken 1/2 hour prior to your appointment and will have you relaxed by the time you arrive at our office. The effects of the sedation are long enough to last through the entire visit. Patients undergoing oral sedation are advised to have a ride as they are not allowed to drive themselves home following the procedure. 

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