Why Root Canal Teeth Need A Crown

Root Canal Teeth Need Crowns

Root Canal TeethFracture Easily

One of the most common reasons that I extract teeth in Gilbert, AZ, is due to a deep fracture of previously treated root canal teeth that did not have a crown. When root canal therapy completes inside of the tooth is mechanically filed and hollowed out and therefore leaving an “empty egg-shell” like structure that is supported by weak and thin sidewalls of tooth structure and filling materials. When root canal teeth are not crowned with chewing, the thin sidewall structures weaken over time, and all it takes is a soft piece of food like bread to cause the final damage. Here is a case I had last week of a tooth that had a root canal that had fractured, and the patient never went in for the crown since “it wasn’t hurting.” Most of the time, if the dentist is not persistent about the need for the crown following root canal treatment, the patient is hesitant to go back for the crown since the tooth becomes comfortable and pain-free following a root canal, and the patient forgets. As you can see, this upper molar had a previous root canal and was just “filled” with composite resin (white filling), and the tooth was split in half and needed to be extracted. At our dentist’s office in Gilbert, AZ, we always stress the importance of full coverage restorations such as a crown following root canal treatment to prolong the life of the tooth.

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